Through-Channel Marketing Programs

Provide a through-channel marketing program that grows you and your partners’ business. Effortlessly.

Better channel collaboration, partner engagement, and digital marketing strategies with all-in-one through-channel marketing solution.

Many channel marketing companies offer software that’s based on B2C marketing automation. At OneAffiniti, we think channel marketing software providers can do better by focusing on the challenges unique to the B2B industry. Brands’ visibility into their customer base is limited. Partners often say they’re overwhelmed by too much content and too many partner program subscriptions. This creates misalignment between brand and partner objectives. OneAffiniti aligns brands and partners by helping them achieve a shared goal: marketing activities that earn more revenue for less time and fewer resources.

Our channel marketing programs yield
unbeatable results

9X more partner participation!

  • Marketing reach expanded 40K
  • 87% of partners participated
  • Pipeline revenue increased by $5M
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Sales increase of $8M in one year

  • 100% of channel partners participated
  • 80% reduction of cost per MQL
  • 15:1 ROI
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Pipeline increase of $75M in 8 months!

  • 47 new channel partners added
  • $7M value in leads added
  • 15 pieces of partner marketing collateral added
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What makes OneAffiniti through-channel marketing programs so effective?

We’ve developed a six-step channel marketing solution that reduces effort and adds value for brands and partners at each stage. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Campaign Creation

OneAffiniti creates a comprehensive campaign from a blend of multimedia content including infographics, product marketing, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, thought leadership, and topical industry insights.

Step 2: Campaign Review & Approval

The partner receives a Campaign Approval email and can easily review, edit, and schedule their campaign in less than 5 minutes​. Low time and involvement barriers make the program more time- and cost-efficient.

Step 3: Campaign Deployment

The campaign launches, maximizing exposure with a multichannel, cohesive messages reinforced by microsites, landing pages, lead gen forms, automated social posting, and more.

Step 4: Lead Generation

Gated assets such as ebooks, whitepapers, and surveys generate leads every month, while automatically shared social posts ​reach a partner’s entire Linkedin audience. Partner surveys facilitate ongoing feedback and improvements.

Step 5: Campaign & Lead Insights

Partners receive real-time lead alerts and post-campaign summaries including leads, campaign performance, and Best Practices. The Insights Hub, which can serve as a CRM system for partners, scores leads and prioritizes Hot Leads.

Step 6: Lead Qualification

Lead scores are updated based on engagement, marketing qualified leads, and sales-qualified leads. Partners receive actionable guidance for following up​ with leads, along with new opportunity alerts uncovered from the partner’s customers and prospects.

OneAffiniti’s through-channel marketing programs are results-focused. Our technology isn’t overcomplicated by features and tools that don’t help brands and partners drive sales. That’s how we achieve an average monthly program participation rate of 80% and 22:1 average ROI in attributable sales.

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