Get more out of marketing development funds.

A co-marketing solution that partners love, and brands don’t have to micro-manage. Everybody wins!

Marketing development funds are more effective with OneAffiniti co-marketing support and services.

Many tech brands work with partners who don’t have time or resources to implement sales and marketing campaigns. Some of these partners are startups just beginning to grow their customer network. Others need to devote all the resources of their small sales and marketing teams to achieving specific goals. In most of these cases, the businesses aren’t looking to heavily invest in their marketing departments and are likely unfamiliar with the options and benefits of marketing development funds (MDFs). OneAffiniti allows brands to offer their partners a co-marketing solution that increases revenue and costs partners nothing. Everybody wins!

Brands can manage marketing development funds and unite with partners using collaborative channel marketing solutions.

With a OneAffiniti channel marketing program, brands have the ability to directly see how marketing campaigns are performing. Real-time analytics and closed-loop reporting show each campaign sent by partners, and how much revenue those campaigns generated. This helps brands determine where they should apply MDFs. The draw for partners? The program is cost-free for them, funded by the brand.

Brands and partners share these benefits when brands use OneAffiniti solutions to better manage marketing development funds:

Better marketing performance

Expand marketing reach, enable partners to train and increase product knowledge, and expand partners’ marketing capabilities with an easy-to-use through-channel marketing program that doesn’t cost money or strain resources. Partners can use their channel marketing program to reach local and niche audiences, allowing brands to penetrate new, untapped market segments.

Transparency of performance and data

OneAffiniti’s channel program analytics show a clear path of campaign success with detailed reports that prove ROI and attributable revenue so can accurately track the impact of MDFs. With campaign summaries and real-time performance data, partners see the impact of co-marketing campaigns. Brands see which campaigns were sent by which partners and draw a direct line to attributable sales. Brands and partners celebrate together, knowing they’re on track to achieve their most important shared goal: more sales.

Collaboration, loyalty, trust

A OneAffiniti channel marketing program helps unite brands and partners’ goals. With marketing development funds creating collaborative, co-marketing success, the channel becomes a thriving ecosystem working together. When brands share resources with partners, partners in turn share valuable customer data and opportunities. Steered by brand support and insights, partners are more motivated and equipped to achieve a higher revenue status quo.

With today’s rapidly evolving business models and channel structures, it’s more important than ever for brands and partners to build bridges and align their objectives. With OneAffiniti co-marketing solutions, brands can see exactly where marketing development funds are best spent, and drive revenue through partner success.

Ready to drive more revenue with collaborative channel marketing and MDF management?