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Actionable Moves for a Better Partner Program

In this free guide, learn a six-step “dance” to getting aligned with channel partners, anticipating their needs, and providing them value with a through-channel marketing (TCM) program.


The channel challenger: debunking channel marketing myths

In this guide, we’ll challenge three common myths about channel marketing software. We’ll cover the evidence countering these myths and insights to help guide channel marketers in the right direction.

Your channel marketing strategy amplified: 7 best-kept secrets from partners

After years of experience creating through-partner marketing programs with the world’s largest companies, we’ve identified seven little known secrets for building a wildly successful channel marketing program.


Read through some insights and best practices regarding channel marketing, list growth, emailing tactics, and more.

Forrester Study: Supercharge your through-channel marketing with a service-led approach

Recently, Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of 100 partners & brands to evaluate usage, successes, and shortcomings of TCMA platforms in today’s Financial, Insurance, and Tech industries.

Case Study: Global IT brand succeeds with Tier 2 channel partners

Texas-based IT vendor generates high engagement and measurable sales from Tier 2 partners and their customers.

Case Study: Vendor Pilot Program focuses on mid-market space

Looking to achieve an 8:1 ROI goal, specifically for Server/Storage/Networking equipment sales.