OneAffiniti Named Momentum Leader in G2’s 2023 Winter Report

For the second quarter in a row, OneAffiniti is pleased to announce that we have been very highly ranked in G2’s Grid® reports. G2’s 2023 Winter Reports show our company has received outstanding, organic reviews from our partners, demonstrating our competitive position amongst companies that provide Through-Channel Marketing solutions. Our noteworthy accomplishments include:

Momentum Leader” in the Momentum Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing

G2 calculates a product’s Momentum score with a “proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential in a company’s momentum”. OneAffiniti is extremely proud to be named the sole “momentum leader” in this Grid®, which demonstrates our commitment to growth for our brands, our partners, and our employees.

Three-Time Leader in the Implementation Index for Through-Channel Marketing

By using a proprietary algorithm that factors in “real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of implementation-related review questions,” G2 is able to sort Through-Channel Marketing Software products by various factors regarding product implementation. With an overall Implementation score of 8.51, OneAffiniti ranks higher than our competitors every major category – Ease of Setup, Implementation Time, and User Adoption.

  • “Most Implementable” in the Implementation Index for Through-Channel Marketing
  • “Easiest Setup” in the Implementation Index for Through-Channel Marketing
  • “Fastest Implementation” in the Implementation Index for Through-Channel Marketing

Leader” in the Small-Business Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing

Utilizing a combination of customer satisfaction rankings and market presence data, G2 has built a Small-Business Through-Channel Marketing Grid® Report. OneAffiniti is a Leader in this category, as our ability to delight our customers and our channel partners continues to result in high satisfaction rankings. We are happy to be able to provide a leading product – and service – to our customers, and inspiring their growth as well as our own!

High Performer” in the Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing

Once again, OneAffiniti was also named a High Performer in the Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing. This proves our clients and our partners find high customer satisfaction from our platform, showing how competitive our offering is amongst some of our larger counterparts.

Want to be one of our highly-satisfied clients?

Our reviews speak for themselves, but if you’re a brand looking to achieve higher ROI from your channel (our clients have a 22:1 average), get in touch with us. If you’re an IT Channel Partner looking to join our marketing program and receive sponsored marketing campaigns, get started today! We look forward to helping you!


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