eBook: Actionable Moves for a Better Partner Program


Actionable Moves for a Better Partner Program

Align with your resellers, like expert dance partners!

Alignment with channel partners eludes many IT vendors. How do you influence your resellers’ decisions when they have their own business goals, work force, and other vendor partners to consider?

In this free guide, learn a six-step “dance” to getting aligned with channel partners, anticipating their needs, and providing them value with a through-channel marketing (TCM) program. A successful TCM program helps you and your resellers refine sales strategies and get more revenue!

Learn how to:

    • Set your TCM program up for success with the right goals and partner participants.
    • Provide high-value content marketing and sales enablement resources to resellers.
    • Strategically use channel incentives to motivate resellers and increase sales.
    • Select key performance indicators (KPIs) for your TCM program and accurately measure return on investment.

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