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OneAffiniti’s through-channel marketing programs achieve 80% monthly participation from partners and 22:1 attributable sales ROI.

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Ranked “Momentum Leader” on G2’s Momentum Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing | Winter 2023

Ranked “Leader” on G2’s Small-Business Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing | Spring 2023

Ranked “High Performer” on G2’s Grid® Report for Through-Channel Marketing | Spring 2023

Channel marketing plans designed and executed to increase revenue, and up-level partner marketing.

OneAffiniti through-channel marketing programs help brands and partners increase revenue. With a unique combination of technology, services, and data, through-channel marketing isn’t just software to us. While most of our competitors are simply software as a service (SaaS) providers, we do the heavy lifting of channel marketing for you, packaging content into full campaigns and giving you a direct view into ROI and revenue performance. This level of data and service gives you back the time you need to focus on your marketing and sales goals. Our channel marketing solutions drive 80% monthly partner participation and 22:1 ROI on attributable sales. We’ve helped partners and brands earn over $1 billion in sales—not just pipeline but true, traceable sales!

When brands and partners both benefit from channel marketing programs, everyone wins!

Benefits for brands

Maximize reach with a partner program that achieves 80% participation.

Utilize your partners’ networks to achieve the best possible return on marketing spend.

Pay only when you send campaigns and achieve sales results– no retainers or license fees!

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Benefits for partners

Build customer relationships and generate leads in just 5 minutes a month.

Program costs are subsidized by your favorite brands.

Put your logo alongside the highest quality thought leadership content.

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We helped these companies get more from their channel marketing!

$8M sales increase in one year!

  • 100% partner participation
  • Cost per MQL reduced by 80%
  • 15:1 ROI
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Partner participation increased 9X!

  • Marketing reach expanded by 40K
  • 87% partner participation
  • $5M added to pipeline revenue
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$75M pipeline growth in 8 months!

  • 47 new channel partners added
  • $7M value in leads added
  • 15 pieces of partner marketing collateral added
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Tech, services, and data: the OneAffiniti trinity of through-channel marketing success.

Technology, services, and data are the three keys to OneAffiniti’s through-channel marketing solution. Easy-to-use technology expands your channel reach, consultative services ensure campaign quality, and data helps you clearly see channel marketing performance to prove ROI and attributable revenue.

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Technology provides effective, multichannel partner marketing.

OneAffiniti technology is designed to drive results. Our platform delivers co-branded, multi-touch campaigns that feature:

  • Campaign review system that requires no more than five minutes a month from partners!
  • Microsites
  • Landing pages
  • Lead gen forms
  • Automated social posts
  • Lead scoring and hot lead alerts
  • Partner feedback surveys

Services improve channel marketing results and lead quality.

Dedicated campaign managers with years of marketing experience create and manage your partner marketing campaigns for you, giving you back valuable resource time. We provide:

  • Partner onboarding and activation
  • Program customization
  • Lead acquisition and nurturing
  • Onboarding support
  • List management
  • Subscriber engagement best practices
  • Content blend that includes thought leadership and industry insights

Data proves that your through-channel marketing drives revenue.

Data is crucial to proving the value of through-channel marketing programs. OneAffiniti doesn’t just offer raw data you have to track down and interpret. We show you the direct correlations between marketing activities and revenue. Our programs include:

  • Campaign assessment and proof of execution
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • Real-time campaign performance analytics
  • Post-campaign summaries that include performance data and best practices

Industries we specialize in

Information Technology

Insurance and Financial

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